How much does Day Spa Da Nang cost ?

Currently, women and even men have demand for health care with more massage and skin care services in spas. For regular people, it is no stranger to: How much does Day Spa Da Nang cost ? How to book services ? What ‘s spa procedures? . But customers who have never gone to the spa are the big questions to answer, because in your mind, the spa is a high-class, beauty service for the rich and stylish, it will cost a lot money.

To change this way of thinking, the spa today is for everyone for health and beauty care needs. The price of each spa trip is only 300,000 VND or more, so if you are a commoner, go twice or once a month. Still be able to relax, take care of your health and your family, enjoy life without too much impact on your spending. Join Green Spa & Wellness to find out what to do when going to the spa? Tip for staff how much?


Today, I will send you how to choose a quality spa that is affordable. This is the secret of the profession. When I have the results I am sure that it is the best spa in Danang that suits your needs


Scale and spa equipment
Spa scale and equipment show 50% of that spa quality or not. A quality spa must meet these factors that can awaken the 5 senses of the human body. And that is 5 good factors to create Spa Wellness.
  • The modernity and cleanness are close to nature: Vision
  • Quietness, music helps customers relax: Hearing
  • Good workmanship, professional, help customers feel comfortable and happy: Tactile
  • Scent in the spa helps guests relax: Smell.
  • Food and drinks used in the spa must be hygienic, nutritious and delicious: Taste

Information provided to customers
Today’s professional enterprise companies must provide sufficient information to customers about that enterprise through channels such as Website, Google, Fanpage, Ins, Zalo … Other social networks. The information they provide is about that spa in terms of size, equipment, staff, quality, customer reviews, promotions ….

  • Website: You will be able to easily see that spa has invested in the Website through the information they provide, the frequency of articles and the content of the articles they post.
  • Fanpage: Salary of knowledge, the density of posts of the above spa articles is also a very important factor for you to determine the quality of the spa.

Customer consultant team

The speed of replying to Spa’s messages shows that they have customer care specialists and service orders. The faster you get, the more professional and quality spa means. Knowledge of counselors: When you learn about the spa, raise all the questions you have questions for the counselor to answer. Through those answers, you can appreciate the knowledge of your employees. The knowledge of good employees means they are well trained and will provide you with services that suit your needs and health.

Spa materials and cosmetics used

Materials used by spa cosmetics should be publicized about the origin, quality and reliability of the product.

  • Materials such as hot stones, essential oils, mineral salts, coffee, noni fruit powder … used for masssage, exfoliating cells must have a quality supplier and clear origin. Natural extracts or natural extracts will be better for massage and skin care because it is safe
  • Facial cosmetics, body lotion …: Must be safe cosmetics, organic, have shelf, labels. These cosmetics have its proven quality in the market.

Feedback from used customers

Feedback from customers is a great base for you to consider the quality of the spa.

You often weigh good ratings and bad prices on spa on review sites like tripadvisor, google map, fanpage …

  • The spa has a good evaluation is not necessarily quality: Because those reviews can be fake or from the staff, relatives of the spa.
  • The spa with bad reviews is not always a quality cream spa

The service profession is a job of making hundreds of them, so no one unit can turn and make two 100% of their customers, there will be mistakes and difficult guests.

Bad reviews may be reviews from unhealthy competitors of the spa, who use these assessments to lower their reputation and spa quality.

Finally, what you need to consider is how proportional bad reviews and good reviews work, with other factors to conclude the quality of a spa.


  • If you do not know anything about Danang spa please go to google, facebook … and search
The spas used to advertise in the top 1,2,3 google are not really good spas, nor is it not good, but people often trust the top 10 spas that google ranked without running ads .
Access google map to see the geographic location and spa information provided on it, how spa ratings on google map.
  • Visit tripadvisor to see the reviews of international and local visitors about that spa.
  • Access to website and fanpage to view information and update promotions.

When you know where the quality is, plus the promotions that the spa offers you will compare and find a spa that satisfies 2 factors.


The time of information technology development should make booking online very convenient. To book Danang spa service, you can book via the following channels:
  • Booking via phone number on google map provided.
  • Booking via booking page on the Website.
  • Texting via Facebook fanpage
  • Text through accounts like zalo, instagram, twitter, kakao talk….
When you go to the spa, you should book in advance because it is not always available for the staff and the service room. Book ahead to get a good reception and provide faster spa services.


Upon arrival at the spa, you will be welcomed by the receptionist, asked and consulted for information.
  • About personal information and prior service setting?

If so, they will invite you to sit and use the wellcome water, fill out a health information card, and wait for a few minutes to get the therapist to take you to the service room.

In case you have not booked a service and their room is not available, of course you will have to wait a long time or choose to come back later.

Where the spa room is ready to serve you:

– Staff will start inviting you to sit, use tea and cold towels.
– Reception will bring menu and advice on spa services available.
– Give you promotions of spa.
– When you choose the service, depending on the service, the receptionist will choose the essential oils and ingredients you want to use.
– Waiting for staff to set up the room about 5-15 minutes depending on the service you choose.
  • Follow the therapist to the service room
  • You will change clothes with a spa outfit under the guidance of staff and perform services.
For example: If you are a 90-minute basic health care at Green Spa & Wellness, you will:
1. Steam and foot bath Red Dao herbal: 15 minutes
2. Soak the herbal bath Red Dao in wooden tubs: 15 minutes
Replace the spa’s dry clothes and lie on your stomach on the bed (You can lie on your back first if you want)
4. Full body massage
– If you are prone, the sequence is: Full body, back, neck, hand massage, masage, massage head, neck, shoulder and front legs, sitting on the bed to stretch muscles.
– If you lie on your back: Massage your head, neck, shoulder, front arm, front leg, back, shoulders, back, arms, hind legs, sit on the bed to stretch your muscles.
  • End massage. Staff will use a warm towel to wipe away the essential oil on the body or wait a while later you can shower again
  • Wear your outfit again, but with a healthier and more energetic body.
  • Move to the restaurant area: Staff will serve you food and drinks included in the service package
    Price of this massage package Green Spa & Wellness is promoting only 265 000 VND / person. The tip for the therapist is VND 60,000. As a result, only 325 000 VND / time is used for this service. Tip you can give directly to the therapist or send it at the reception to transfer to them.

How much does day spa Da Nang cost ?

Usually the spa will have promotions, rarely without discounts at the spa. Currently, Green Spa & Wellness has a discount program such as:
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  • 30% off for all services on the menu.
  • Extra 20% discount if you use the service between 11:00 – 14:00 daily
  • Free transfer: 1 -way pickup with groups of 4 guests
  • Free transfer: 2-way  with groups of 7 or more guests
  • Service price does not include tips for massage staff
  • Services include food and water.


The tip of the employee is usually 50,000 VND or more depending on the length of time the service you receive or the satisfaction you expect from the therapist.

At Green Spa & Wellness call customers to pay the tip according to the number of customers served, not counting the time of sauna and herbal bath soak: VND 1,000 / minute. For example, the basic 90-minute package above you can tip employees 60,000 VND


Festivals of spas often have promotions, so keep in mind these occasions to buy services at the best prices.
Buy services according to the course. For example, if the basic service 90 in Green SPa & Wellness buys once for 265,000 VND, excluding TIP money, if you buy 10 times, you will get 5% more discount and 20 times less then 10% more. If your health care needs are regular, 4-5 times a month or more than 8-10 times, you should buy a service package in the form of a good spa service promotion and become a guest VIP goods of the spa.

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