How to face massage at home

Daily movements like smiling, frowning and chewing make your facial muscles work continuously. Just like the body is relaxed after massage sessions, our facial skin also needs such Massage. The fact that facials are becoming increasingly necessary. Green Spa & Wellness will guide you how to massage your face professionally but only at home

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Prepare for face massage at home

First, we recommend that you always wash your hands in warm water with antibacterial soap and tie your hair back to avoid any potential germs. You should also wash your face before massage. Reach a gentle cleanser like a foaming cleanser. If you want to really turn your massage into a spa-like experience, try the front sauna. This will soften the pores, increasing the effectiveness of the massage procedure

Combine Facial Massage into the skin care steps you are taking

Facial massage may be like another unnecessary (and time consuming) step in your skin care process. With just 2 minutes a day, you can absolutely help prevent wrinkles and help the spirit feel extremely relaxed. Just spend a little time in the morning or in the evening, you can give your face a wonderful result.

Choose the right facial care product

Daily face massage will increase the effectiveness when you combine with specialized products. Warmth from your hands and rubbing movements help your blood vessels absorb more quickly than more nutrients. The use of nutrients in face massage products will help you achieve a higher success rate

Use supportive devices for face massage

Hướng Dẫn Massage Mặt Chuyên Nghiệp Tại Nhà

You can use your 2 hands for Massage but it will be great when you use your own support tools. The use of Massage machines and vibrators will increase blood circulation efficiency and can even dislodge dead cells

Benefits from facial massage

If you are looking to increase skin tone, Green Spa & Wellness recommends using deep, stimulating movements. And if your skin is sensitive, acne-prone or greasy, you should use moderate strength. One of the additional benefits of facial massage is that in addition to the skin becomes brighter. The lymphatic system is responsible for carrying white blood cells throughout the body, eliminating toxins.

Limit Massage near the eye area

Hướng Dẫn Massage Mặt Chuyên Nghiệp Tại Nhà

  • Because the skin around the eyes is very tender, it cannot withstand much pressure and massage like the rest of your face.
  • To reduce puffiness, use soft and rolling movements with your ring finger to the outer corners of the eye.
  • Squeeze a piece of coin-sized product into the palm of your hand. Rub the recipe to distribute it evenly over your hands and fingertips.
  • Press the finger between the eyebrows and slide to the forehead, repeating it several times to cover the entire area.
  • After that, massage your fingertips from the center of your face out of your cheeks and to your ears.
  • Lower one level and repeat the same sliding, up and down motion on your jaw line as needed.
  • Finish with your neck. Gently use vertical strokes from the collarbone or above.

In my personal experience, facial massage works to make the skin look firmer

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