What’s different between hot stone massage and regular massage ?

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Distinguish hot stone massage and regular massage

Immerse yourself in nature, listen to the murmuring water somewhere, an enchanting melodic music, you melt and feel like you’re no longer after a series of tired days, stress … One of the main uses weak is massage body. It has the effect of restoring mental and health. However, it is not as simple as that, massage has many different types, types and prices. We will show you the difference betwween hot stone massage and regular massage.

Green Spa & Wellness, will only have you the difference between hot stone massage and regular massage

Nomal massage is the use of force acting on the muscles and joints by massaging, clawing, pulling, and breaking movements … to help soften muscles, relieve pain, relieve stress and fatigue.

Hot stone massage is a method of using different types of stones in size, type and origin to transmit heat to certain places in the body, creating therapeutic heat effects.

  • Unlike normal massage, stone massage acts on the human body in wave form caused by tiny vibrations arising by differences or temperature changes, helping to increase energy in the body through activity. Deep and strong stimulation on important acupuncture points on the body.
  • The temperature of the ice when used is only to melt the linoleum layer. Depending on the purpose, the stone massage technician will use the massage movements, claws, grave by hand before sliding, rub and press hard hot stones into some acupuncture points, then heat the tablets remaining in other positions.

The difference in the effect of hot stone massage and regular massage

Massage is one of the most effective methods of relaxation, beauty and body care to help people relieve stress, effectively reduce pain after hours, and work hard for a long time. However, each type of massage has different special effects.

All your stress and fatigue will vanish. Energy source from hot stone combined with therapeutic essential oils can remove wrinkles on the face, fat burning and slim body. The movements of sliding, pressing, rubbing … together with the heat of stone blend with herbal essential oils will directly affect the acupuncture points throughout the body. In just 90 minutes of relaxation at the spa, the body’s new energy source is recreated, the tired feeling disappears, the balance is restored.

This method enhances energy through deep and strong stimulation into vital points of the body, eliminating toxins, reducing stress, clearing meridians, and repelling fatigue.

In addition, the energy source from hot stone when combined with therapeutic oil also helps to remove wrinkles on the face, fat burning and body slimming … Reduce stress, fatigue: Massage with hot stone to help relax body, muscle and joint tissue expansion, blood circulation circulation create the most relaxing feeling for people. You will be completely immersed in the most comfortable, comfortable space and completely forget about life and worries.

Circulating blood circulation, stabilizing blood pressure:  Hot stone massage helps circulate blood well, dilates blood vessels under the skin, helps blood circulation ability to happen at a faster rate and reduces pressure on heart, avoid heart failure due to high pressure.

Improve skin: The temperature of hot stones goes deep into the body, making the skin firm, regenerating and restoring aging cells, making the skin look rosy and smooth.

Body detox: Hot stone temperature impacts deep inside the body, eliminating toxins and excess fluid. In addition, it also speeds up the process of filtering the toxins of the liver and kidneys, helping the body to be purified in the best way.

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Things to keep in mind when massaging hot stones

  • Choose a spa that uses natural hot stones to massage because in natural stone there are good minerals for skin and longer heat retention.

In order to create the best hot stone massage services, the investor must pay attention to all stages from therapy, technique to choosing hot stones for quality, safety and reliability. .

Because hot stone massage appears a multitude of different types that make it hard for anyone to distinguish between hot stone and natural massage, where is hot stone artificial massage.

Natural stone and artificial stone, looking outside these 2 types of stones, there is no different point that is outstanding, with reasonable price, natural massage stone is much lower price than artificial massage stone. Many Spa owners choose artificial stone as an all-out solution, temporarily solved, but in terms of effectiveness and effect, they are far different from each other.

  • When massaging the body with hot stone, it is necessary to keep the ice temperature at a moderate level of about 25-60 degrees C.

Depending on the purpose, the massage technician will conduct massage, pressing acupuncture points by hand before rubbing and pressing hard. Use hot stones in some acupuncture points and heat the remaining stones in other locations.

  • If you have time and conditions, each week should massage the body with hot stone once.
Whenever you feel tired, stressed, stressed or sleepless, you can use this massage therapy to quickly regain balance and restore health.


Experience the hot stone body massage process at Green Spa & Wellness Da Nang with extremely preferential prices will help you refresh yourself and restore the energy filled in your body. The heat of the stone will blend with the aroma of herbal essential oils to provide a great massage for you. Each massage movement, sliding, gently rubbing or warming on acupuncture points on the body helps restore and balance emotions, dispel fatigue and renew new energy so you are always confident to face life. busy everyday.


Step 1: Fill in the health history information card
Step 2: Rinse, clean dirt and sweat on the body
Step 3: Massage by hand on skin with essential oil
Step 4: Use hot stones to massage shoulders, neck, nape, back to minimize aches and pains
Step 5: Put hot stones on the vertebrae vertically at the vertebrae.
Step 6: Massage oil for legs
Step 7: Rub hot stones and place hot stones to keep warm spots on hands and feet.
Step 8: Add energy with food and juice.
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