What Is Body Scrub?

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A body scrub is a skin care service with the main function of removing dead skin cells by exfoliating as well as cleansing the skin and increasing blood circulation of the body.

The concept of body scrubs.

Put simply, a body scrub is a skin care service whose primary function is to remove dead skin cells through exfoliation as well as cleansing the skin and increasing the body’s blood circulation. Sometimes body scrubs are called body scrubs, body scrubs, or body scrubs. The ingredients needed in an exfoliating mixture need to be sufficiently corrosive to achieve the desired results but not too strong so as not to damage other healthy skin.

Tẩy Tế Bào Chết Toàn Thân Là Gì?

Benefits of body scrub

If you don’t use body scrubs, you’re missing out on some of the benefits other skincare products don’t offer. So, what are the benefits of body scrubs?

Body scrub rejuvenate and refresh skin

Basically, the benefit of using a body scrub is to remove dead skin cells from the body and impurities, leaving you feeling fresh and your skin looking younger and restoring.

Body scrub makes skin more youthful

Tẩy Tế Bào Chết Toàn Thân Là Gì?

Exfoliating tends to eliminate the appearance of dullness and lack of vitality of the skin. Humans peel off skin cells daily (anywhere from 11,000 to 23,000 skin cells per hour) and usually take 27 to 30 days before new skin cells reach the top layer of the skin (stratum corneum). . Using exfoliating regularly will help your skin look radiant and younger.

Moisturizing benefits

The benefits of exfoliating the body through the exfoliating of dead skin cells are the result of exfoliating with light exfoliating for the body as it allows easy absorption of moisturizers for the body. Skin into healthy skin. Ideally, the best body scrub is something that not only acts as a gentle exfoliant but also moisturizes at the same time! All volcanic eraser bodies do both.

Improve the ability to self-dye skin

More and more people use self-staining machines rather than increase the risk of skin cancer through excessive exposure to the sun. The important thing to know here is to achieve a realistic “fake” tanned skin using a self-tanner that exfoliates the skin by gently exfoliating the body first. If you do not do this to remove any dead skin cells, you are at risk of developing melasma as the person who is treating them himself will darken areas where many dead skin cells accumulate (such as elbows). arms and knees). If you want to have a naturally tanned skin and you use a tanner then use the appropriate body scrub before applying tanning products is essential.

Best body scrub in Danang

Green Spa & Wellness Danang is providing body scrubs with mineral salts, coffee powder or noni powder. Depending on the skin characteristics and efficiency, we will advise you the most appropriate service.

How to get the best results when exfoliating the whole body
Not all body scrubs are good for you or the environment. Some body scrubs contain toxic chemicals and even use small plastic beads as an exfoliator. You want to exfoliate naturally without harming yourself and being environmentally friendly. Exfoliating all over the body must be washed, down the drain and finished in the environment to create a sense of individuality for each person.
The best way to get the most out of your good body scrub is to avoid applying too much pressure. After all, the exfoliating environment in the body must be sufficient to provide the necessary abrasive action. So don’t be too stressed about that and be sure to use a gentle yet effective body scrub. To give your skin a boost at the same time, make sure that a body scrub is natural (without chemicals) and also has a moisturizing ingredient.

Tẩy Tế Bào Chết Toàn Thân Là Gì?

At Green Spa & Wellness we use mineral salts or coffee powder in all our body scrubs, but when it comes to exfoliating, you need a softer exfoliating, lighter. This is why we use mineral salts. Another reason is because mineral salts contain nutrients and corrosive ions, increasing its ability to eliminate harmful toxins and bacteria. Get rid of dead skin cells, open pores and then pull off any discomfort – great for anyone with acne, bad skin or if you want a smooth, flawless skin.

In short, the benefit of exfoliating your body is that your skin will look smoother, more even and you’ll look invigorated with youthfulness and dynamism – that’s not all. what we right? So always apply a high quality body scrub and do it on a regular basis.

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