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Each country in the world has different body massages used to relieve stress, muscular fatigue, human brain. Regardless of the type of massage, the effect of it is almost the same, only different in the method of performing the massage. Currently, along with the cultural interference, body massages are popular in Danang. Join Green Spa & Wellness to find out the types of body massage available at spas in Danang.


Aroma massage – Massage with essential oils

Experience the healing and soothing effects through the use of aromatic essential oils. Choose and recommend essential oils according to your emotional and physical needs. Aroma massage is an essential oil massage to the skin and gently massage to relieve pain and highlight the scent for your calm, soothing relaxation. Great therapy for relaxation, anxiety, and pain and skin irritation.



Vietnamese traditional full body massage

Vietnamese traditional  massage is a method of treatment with the movements of rubbing, tapping, squeezing, pinching. It helps the muscles to contract and relax more softly, while acting on the acupuncture points to stimulate blood circulation. The advantages of this method are: Improving blood circulation to bring oxygen and nutrients to cells; stimulating the vascular system to help bring waste products out of the body; prevent and soothe muscle tightness and contraction; Supporting with arthritis, sciatica, muscle fatigue.


Thai Massage – Massage from Thailand

Thai massage therapy increases the circulation of blood in the body, enhances and improves the flexibility and scope of movement of joints on your body. It is a powerful form of massage dating back thousands of years. The ancient healing system aims to rejuvenate and energize your body. This is done through the use of soothing yoga postures and helps stretch your spine also helps ensure flexibility for your body, helping you reduce lower back pain. Massaging your face and head towards acupressure points can help solve specific problems in other parts of your body. Unlike other massages that require you to undress, with Thai massages you are dressed but must be spacious and comfortable.

Hot Stone Massage – Hot Stone Massage

The therapists will rub and place heated basalt on different parts of the body. Well stored heat with many healing properties, heat can soothe muscles deeper and release toxins from the body. Massaging a hot stone slowly and gently, you’ll find that this therapy helps improve muscle relaxation, immunity, the appearance of skin, anxiety and promote better sleep. . Studies have also shown that hot stone massages reduce cancer symptoms.



Swedish massage

This type of massage is mainly the movements of massaging and pressing the muscles of the body softly, slowly, gently with special treatment oils. These movements relieve tension, muscle contraction, help reduce pain, beautify the skin thanks to better blood circulation.

Shiatsu Massage – Japanese Massage

Therapists use the palms and fingers to work on the energy vessels. Pressing on these circuits for a certain period of time will stop the flow of gas, when released will form a strong blood stream of blood, sweeping away all the congestion in the circuit. Shiatsu massage combined with cool aromatherapy oils will help reduce stress, treat headaches, insomnia bring a sense of relaxation and prolong youth.

Deep tissue massage

A suitable therapy for those who prefer a slow and firm therapy, deep tissue massage works on the deep muscle layers and diverse collagen connective tissues called fascia. Experience minor pain during the treatment to respond to the relief that lasts afterwards. A therapy that helps you relieve muscle tension, back pain, relieve symptoms of arthritis and release the extra happiness of hormones.

Green Spa & Wellness Danang offers 4 types of body massage: Aroma massage, Vietnamese Traditional Massage, Hot stone body massage, Green body massage (similar to Thai Massage). Come and experience the great body massage service here.

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