The difference between hot stone massage and conventional massage

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Hot stone massage, have you tried using this service? What do you think is different from the usual masasge types? Immerse yourself in nature, listen to the murmuring water somewhere, an enchanting melodious music, you melt and no longer be yourself after days of fatigue, stress … One of the main uses is body massage. It has the effect of restoring morale and health. However, not only that simple, massage has many types, many types and many different price levels.

Sự khác nhau giữa massage đá nóng và massage thông thườngSự khác nhau giữa massage đá nóng và massage thông thường

What is hot stone masage? What is the usual massage

Green Spa & Wellness, only you will have the difference between hot stone massage and normal massage

Conventional massage is the use of force acting on the muscles and joints by massaging, stroking, pulling, breaking … helping to soften the muscles, relieve pain, relieve stress and fatigue.
Hot stone massage is a method of using different stones of different sizes, types and origins to convey heat to certain places in the body, creating a therapeutic heat effect.

Unlike conventional massage, stone massage acts on the human body in the form of waves caused by micro vibrations generated by the difference or change of temperature, helping to increase energy in the body through activity. Deep and powerful stimulation of vital points on the body.

The temperature of the ice when used is only to melt the massage oil. Depending on the purpose, the stone massage technician will use manual massages, strokes, and acupuncture points before sliding, rubbing and pressing hot stones on some points, then incubating them. remaining in other locations.

Sự khác nhau giữa massage đá nóng và massage thông thường

The difference in the effect of hot stone massage and regular massage

Massage is one of the most effective methods of relaxation, beauty and body care to help people relieve stress and reduce aches and pains effectively after hours of stressful working for long periods. However, each type of massage has different specific effects.

All your stress, fatigue will vanish. The energy source from hot stone combined with therapeutic-grade essential oil can remove wrinkles on the face, eliminate fat and slim the body. The sliding movements, rubbing, rubbing, rubbing … together with the heat of the stone mixed with herbal essential oils will directly impact the acupuncture points throughout the body. Within just 90 minutes of relaxing at the spa, the body’s new energy is regenerated, the feeling of fatigue disappears, the balance is restored.

This method enhances energy through deep and intense stimulation of vital points in the body, excretion of toxins, relieving stress, clearing meridians and combating fatigue. In addition, the energy from the hot stone when combined with therapeutic-grade essential oil also helps to remove wrinkles on the face, burn fat and slim the body …

Sự khác nhau giữa massage đá nóng và massage thông thường

  • Reduce stress, fatigue: Hot stone massage helps to relax the body, expand muscle tissue and joints, circulate blood to create the most relaxing feeling for people. You will completely immerse yourself in the most comfortable and comfortable space and completely forget your life and worries.
  • Blood circulation, blood pressure stabilization: Hot stone massage helps circulate blood well, dilates blood vessels under the skin, helps the blood circulation to occur faster and reduces pressure on heart, avoid heart failure due to high pressure.
  • Improving the skin: The temperature of the hot stone goes deep into the body, helps the skin become firmer, regenerates and restores aging cells, helping the skin look ruddy and glowing.
  • Detoxify the body: Hot stone temperature acts deep inside the body, helping to eliminate toxins and excess fluids. In addition, it also speeds up the filtering process of toxins of the liver and kidneys, which helps the body to be purified in the best way.

Things to note when hot stone massage

Choose a spa that uses natural hot stones for a massage as there are minerals that are good for the skin and keep the heat longer.

In order to create the best hot stone massage services, the investor must pay attention to all stages from the process, techniques to the selection of hot stones so that the quality, safety and reliability are sufficient. . Because massage stones appear countless different types that make it difficult for users to distinguish between natural hot stone and artificial hot stone. Natural stone and artificial stone, looking outside the two types of stone there is no difference, there are reasonable prices, natural massage stone prices are much lower than artificial massage stones. Many spa owners choose artificial stones as a temporary solution, but the effect and effect are very different.

When massage body with hot stone, keep the stone temperature at a level of about 25 – 60 degrees Celsius.

Depending on the purpose, massage technicians will conduct massage, apply pressure points by hand before rubbing and pressing with hot stones on some acupuncture points, then incubate the remaining stones in other positions.

If you have time and conditions, you should massage a hot stone body once a week.

Whenever you feel tired, pressure, stress or insomnia, you can use this massage to quickly regain balance and restore health.

Quality hot stone massage location in Danang.

Experience the hot stone body massage at Green Spa & Wellness Danang with extremely preferential prices will help you refresh yourself and restore full energy in the body. The heat of the stone blends with the aroma of herbal essential oils to give you a great massage. Each massage, slide, rub, or warm gently on the body points to help restore and balance emotions, dispel fatigue and regenerate new energy so that you are always confident facing life. busy everyday.

Sự khác nhau giữa massage đá nóng và massage thông thường

Hot stone massage process

Step 1: Fill out health history information form

Step 2: Rinse, clean up dirt and sweat on the body

Step 3: Massage by hand on skin with essential oils

Step 4: Use hot stones to massage shoulders, neck, neck, back to minimize soreness

Step 5: Put hot stone on the middle back vertically vertically at the vertebra.

Step 6: Massage the legs

Step 7: Rub hot stone and place hot stones to keep warm points in hands and feet.

Step 8: Energize with food and juice.

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