Overview of Danang Spa

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The development of Spa in Da Nang

  • Demand for beauty, health care is currently on the rise. Not only women but also young men want to pay more attention to health and seek massage services. Therefore, the spa business is a business idea with a large potential market in Da Nang.
  • In Da Nang, along with the strong development of tourism and service industry in recent years, not only foreign tourists come to Da Nang but also has a large number of domestic tourists. Along with restaurant, hotel, entertainment and entertainment services, spa and massage centers for wellness and relaxation have also flourished. Especially tourists from Korea or China, in their travel programs always have 1 to 2 spa trips for relaxing massages.
  • Not only that, when living standards are higher and higher, it is the local people in Da Nang who also need more for relaxation, health care and beauty. The job of spa & massage staff has also become a hot profession of people in Da Nang city.Tổng quan về Spa Đà Nẵng

So what is spa?

Spa is simply understood as “Health therapy by water health”. A very normal habit is that you immerse yourself in the water when bathing, you feel like you get rid of the tired, uncomfortable out of the body, right? The spa can also be inspired from there, water helps the body to dissipate fatigue, detoxify and enhance blood circulation through saunas or soaking in the baths combined with aromas and types. Natural herbs.

Tổng quan về Spa Đà Nẵng

In the past, Spa was a luxury concept and only suitable for the upper class, but today, the segment of customers in the industry has expanded rapidly to the middle class and many different customers. distinctive culture, age, gender, class, religion, religion. This is an inevitable result of economic development coupled with cognitive development, more and more customers understand the effects of spa treatments, treatments and believe it as an effective method. Indispensable to relax, relax and love yourself.

In the world and Vietnam, there are currently 4 popular types of spa: Day spa, Destination spa, Hotel / resort spa and Medical spa. 4 types of spa have 4 different customers, these 4 customers have 4 different needs.

Day Spa: As the most popular type of spa today, these spa facilities are opening more and more around the world. The reason, this is the most suitable type of spa for those who have a busy life, less time to rest. Customers come to the spa for an hour or a few hours a day, at the appropriate times. They do not need large, time-consuming spa packages or overnight stays in the spa. They come to relax, after stressful working hours, then return home.
Hotel / Resort Spa: The spa combines relaxation, relaxation with beautiful nature and tranquility.
Medical spa: This type accounts for a small number of the total number of spas, because it requires high expertise. Medical spa is different from Day Spa in that it is a type of spa with treatment; Other beauty salon is that they have a doctor, a medical license, a high-tech machine for therapy, a full range of treatment regimens, prescriptions, anti-shock. In the world, Medical is currently the most respected spa trend.
Destination spa: Destination spa offers a comprehensive program including spa services, sports activities, health care education, macrobiotic ….

Spa industry in Danang.

According to the statistics of the Department of Tourism of Da Nang City, there are currently over 400 large and small spa and massage facilities in Da Nang. Most are small and medium-sized seasonal spas, which have a small part owned by guides, Koreans or Chinese. There are a number of other spas & massages in Danang by tour guides, or staff operating in the tourism industry. A handful of mainstream spas & massages, organized, large scale and reputable. These spas really care about the development of the spa industry in Danang City and the health care for everyone. There are many spas that have put massages on their service lists and achieved success. Some reputable and well-known massage and rehabilitation massage places in Danang can be listed as: Green Spa & Wellness Danang, Cham Spa Danang, An Spa Danang, Salem Spa Da Nang, Huong Tram Spa Danang , Herbal Spa Danang ….
However, the current industry competition is also very fierce, requiring spas to have a unique identity when building their brand. To take advantage of the space and help meet the needs of potential customers, in addition to massage, should provide additional related services such as sauna, facials, selling care products. skin and health.

Tổng quan về Spa Đà Nẵng

The demand of Vietnamese and tourists for this type of service is tending to increase, especially for office workers – those who sit for a long time, sedentary. Visitors from Korea, China, European countries and the Americas will increase in the coming years. Compared to previous years, the number of visitors coming to massage services has increased by over 50%. This shows the development potential of Spa & Massage industry in Da Nang city is huge.

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