Foot reflexology – Incredible Health Benefits

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Since ancient times, ancient Egyptians knew how to rub their feet together about 5,000 years ago. By the early years of the 19th century, Europeans developed a type of foot reflexology: Applying pressure on the foot to create physical changes to that person’s body. The position of the pressure is based on a system of areas and reflex zones that correspond to other parts of the body.


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What is foot reflexology?

Our feet work hard day in and day out and we often don’t give them second thoughts until they start complaining. As humans, our feet reflect our overall health, so conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, neurological disorders and circulatory disorders; Can show their original symptoms at your feet. It is believed that some areas on the feet and hands are linked to other areas and organs of the body. The concept of regional therapy for Muslims was continued by American physiotherapist Eunice Ingham in the 1930s, today known as foot reflexology.
If you are reading this article, you may have found a cure for pain. Reflexology is one of the most common methods of all alternative therapies and treatments for many different conditions. You want to know more?

On what principle does foot reflexology work?

Bấm Huyệt Bàn Chân - Những Gì Bạn Nên Biết
Reflexology of the foot – Methods of ancient health care
The basic theory behind acupressure is that certain points or “reflex zones” on the feet and hands are connected to specific organs and organs via energy channels in the body. the body. By applying pressure on the reflex areas, a reflexologist is said to eliminate energy obstruction and promote health in the relevant body area.
Here are some examples of reflex areas and their respective body parts:
  • The tip of the toe reflects the head
  • Heart and chest are located around the ball
  • The liver, pancreas and kidney are located in the arch of the foot
  • Lower back and lower intestine toward heel
According to acupressure experts, pressure on reflex points also helps balance the nervous system and stimulates the release of endorphins that help relieve pain and stress.

Benefits of reflexology on the body

Think about the stress level of your feet every day. No more abused body parts than your feet. Stand, run, jump – our feet do everything! Reflexology experts believe that overall health begins with your feet and goes up. The benefits of foot massage are endless – not to mention it feels absolutely amazing! Although there is no hard truth of the Vikings. To demonstrate what true foot massage can do, but practitioners and patients all claim that reflexology can:
  • Cures a cold / mild illness
  • Prevention / cure
  • Increased energy
  • Reduce stress, pain and anxiety
  • Improve blood circulation and lymph
  • Preventing injuries
  • Relieve pain caused by MS and chemotherapy
  • Stimulating activity of internal organs
  • Successful treatment of liver dysfunction, constipation, IBS, chronic headache and skin allergies
  • Reduce the pressure on the legs and feet in pregnant women
The benefits are not purely physical. A good foot massage can also improve your mental and emotional state. Most people seeking a reflexologist are looking for relaxation and stress relief. With less stress in your life, your chance of getting heart disease is greatly reduced.

Foot reflexology is different from foot massage

While foot massage may feel like reflexology treatment, a reflexology specialist will work on the area to promote healing response in the respective organs. A massage therapist for a foot massage will manipulate muscles and other soft tissues to improve circulation, relieve pain and heal wounds in the area or to relax overall.

Process of foot massage in Green Spa Da Nang

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At Green Spa & Wellness, massage service is divided into 2 periods 60 ’/ 90 ′
  • Step 1. Complete your health status information in the forrm form that the receptionist gives you.
Let spa staff be sure of your health condition.
What area on your legs and body Therapists should not use strong massage force.
What area of ​​your foot is causing you great pain.
  • Step 2. Store your property in a locked cupboard
  • Step 3. Rinse with a shower to remove dirt on your body.
  • Step 4: Soak feet with Red Dao herbs
  • Step 5. Wear a spa outfit that the staff has prepared for you in bed.
  • Step 6. Start the service by lying on your back in bed.
The technician will use Vietnamese massage to heat your body (without oil)
Back foot massage: Use essential oil to massage the feet from the thighs to the soles of the feet. Using massage techniques, strokes, strokes, day, pressing acupressure to massage
Massage soles and toes: Especially pressing the acupuncture points under the soles of the feet.
  • Step 7. Now you turn over to lie on your back.
Head massage (without oil).
Massage shoulders and upper chest with essential oils using massage techniques, strokes, strokes, day, pressure points to massage
Massage arms with essential oils, massage, strokes, strokes, day, pressure points to massage
Massage the front leg with essential oil massage, stroking, stroking, day, pressing acupressure to massage
  • Step 8. You sit up straight in bed.
Massage shoulders and neck muscles.
Stretch your hip muscles.
  • Step 9. Wash again (if you want) or the staff will use a warm washcloth to clean
  • Step 10. Finish, refuel by enjoying soups, juices or yogurt from the restaurant service staff


  • Women in Danang often wear high heels
  • People traveling to Da Nang to travel must move and mobilize suddenly with high frequency.
  • People practice sports such as cycling, jogging, tennis, soccer, …
  • People often have digestive problems, or headaches.

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