Foot massage: Great Health Care Method

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Foot massage is a method of using perfect techniques combined with essential oils, hot stones, salt stones affects the acupuncture points in the soles of the feet. Feet are considered the ‘second heart’ of the body. Therefore, taking good care of your feet means you are strengthening your health.

Foot Massage: Great Health Care Method
The method of using perfect techniques combined with essential oils, hot stones massage, salt stones affects the acupuncture points in the soles of the feet and calves, thereby helping to stimulate likes blood circulation and increases blood flow to the heart and brain, giving us a healthy body and a clear mind.

Why need regular foot massage?

As we know, the foot is the focus of 62 reflective centers with “sensitive” nerve nodes, and is also an integral part of the health of other departments. That’s why the feet need to be taken care of carefully. The pubic part of the toes is always relevant and influences many different positions in the body.
It can be seen, every toe or soles of the feet are related, directly affecting the parts of our body. Thus, regular foot massage or herbal foot baths with wooden foot baths will help to promote circulation, support digestive system activity and excretory system, providing great benefits for health. health and beauty of people.
This massage helps you to have a healthy body and a clear mind

Foot Massage: Great Health Care Method

What benefits do foot massage bring to the body?

When acupuncture points under the feet are stimulated through foot massage or herbal foot bath, it will promote circulation, better circulation of the blood to the heart. Sitting or lying comfortably on a foot massage chair with quality massage for your feet not only helps your feet rest but also finds comfortable moments and great mental relaxation.
In addition, when doing foot massage procedures at the spa centers, gentle massage movements or strong acupuncture points of the technicians, combined with hot baths and scrubs, masking Foot care … will bring a healthy treatment. This is both a way to help your legs relax, and to bring great benefits to help your feet feel smooth and not dry or cracked.
Not only does it bring a miraculous health care effect, regular, proper foot massage will help reduce excess fat and bring lean legs. Owning slender and firm calves is always something many girls desire and you can absolutely do it when you massage your calves properly. Every day you only need to spend about 5-10 minutes to massage the calves according to the instructions, the amount of excess fat will dissipate quickly.

Foot Massage: Great Health Care Method

How is foot massage at the spa basically done?

Foot massage  at professional spa centers is foot bath,  massage combined with intensive acupressure to bring effects to improve health status, support communication activities, promote the ability of blood circulation, moderate viscera, and stimulate the nerve nodes in the foot to release stress, bring you a relaxed, peaceful spirit, In addition, foot massage also The ability to effectively reduce aches and pains, joint pain. This massage method at the spa centers is normally taken with 9 steps of the method on the fooot massage chair with the massage, perfect acupressure:

  • Soak feet in a wooden foot bath containing hot salt water or herbal essential oils.
  • Carry out cleaning of the foot area.
  • Performing foot reflexology operations.
  • Apply essential oils (essential oils according to customers’ choices).
  • Perform foot massage therapies.
  •  Apply hot ice and massage with hot stones.
  •  Perform acupressure of neck shoulder area.
  •  Conduct hand massage.
  •  Finally, massage and reflexology in the head area.

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