Vietnamese Massage : Differences Wirh Other Types Of Massage

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Every country in the world has its own type of massage such as Swedish, Japanese and Thai massage …. Vietnam too, we have Vietnamese massage. Vietnamese massage compared to other massage methods in the world may differ in method, but ultimately its effect is also to bring people good health, new energy, help people relax and limit. pain, even used to treat illness.

Sự khác nhau giữa massage Việt Nam và các loại massage khác

What is Vietnamese massage?

Massage Vietnam is a combination of movements, massage, manipulation, clawing, pressing, pressing, chopping or patting … impact on the body, arranged in a proper order and bringing about therapeutic results of pain relief , relax, provide energy and health for people. To perform these movements, you can use your hands including fingers, elbows, feet: feet, knees … to perform.

With a long-standing culture, Vietnam has had a traditional medicine with famous physicians about traditional remedies and specific healing techniques that have been handed down and widely popularized. The names of famous medical doctors famous for effective remedies include: in the 14th century, there was famous physician Tue Tinh – summarized the experience of massage and healing in “The Book of Southern Medicine God”. In the 15th century, Nguyen Truc with his experience of treating children was recorded in “Bao anh Luong Phuong”. In the 18th century, there was Dao Cong Chinh with “Bao Dien Dien Toan Toan Toan”. At the same time, Hai Thuong Lan Ong reiterated massage therapy to prevent and treat diseases in “Definitely Hygiene”.

Sự khác nhau giữa massage Việt Nam và các loại massage khác

The effect of Vietnamese massage

  • This method helps the muscles contract and relax more softly, and the impact on the acupuncture points helps stimulate blood circulation.
  • The greatest advantage of this method is to improve blood circulation to bring oxygen and nutrients to cells.
  • Stimulating the vascular system helps to remove excess products from the body, prevent and soothe muscle tightness and constriction.
  • Support for arthritis, sciatica, muscle fatigue.

Vietnamese Massage process.

Step 1. Sniff and choose the desired essential oil.

Step 3. Change into a spa outfit and store everything valuable in your closet.

Step 4. Clean the body with a shower

Step 5. Lie on your stomach in bed and ring the bell to let the staff know you are ready for the session

Therapists use Vietnamese massage to heat the body (without oil).
Back massage with essential oils, combined with pressure points
Nape massage with essential oil
Massage hind legs and buttocks with essential oils
Tense the muscles with the movements of the hips and back.

Step 6: Now lie on your back.

Massage the front leg with essential oil
Arm massage with essential oils
Masage neck shoulder with essential oil
Stretch the arms and neck with stretching and stretching movements

Step 7: Head massage (do not use essential oils)

Step 8: Sit up, your back straight square with massage bed

The therapist will massage your neck and shoulders.
Last muscle tension in the back.

Step 9. The therapist cleanses the oil with a warm towel to your body.

Step 10. Enjoy soups and juices

The techniques vary between Vietnamese massages and other types of massages  Ấn Huyệt Vietnamese massage


Therapists use the palms and fingers to act on energy circuits. Pressing these vessels for a certain amount of time will stop the airflow and when released will create a strong blood flow, which will wash away any blockages in the circuit.
Shiatsu massage combined with cool scent therapy will help reduce stress, treat headaches, insomnia and bring relaxation and youthfulness.


Swedish massage mainly massages and presses the muscles of the body gently, slowly and gently with special treatment oils. These movements reduce tension, muscle contraction, pain relief, and skin beauty thanks to better blood circulation.


Thai massage therapy increases the blood circulation in the body, enhances and improves the flexibility and range of movement of the joints on your body.
It is a powerful form of massage dating back thousands of years. The ancient healing system aims to rejuvenate and energize your body.
Thai massage done through the use of gentle yoga postures and stretching your spine also helps ensure your body is flexible, helping you reduce back pain. Massage the face and head towards the acupuncture points can help solve specific problems in other parts of your body.
Unlike other types of massages that require you to undress, with Thai massages you can wear clothes that are spacious and comfortable.

Tinh dầu sử dụng trong Vietnamese massage

So we can see that Vietnamese massage can be considered as a good combination of many other massage methods in the world, using the force of fingers to press and squeeze muscles like Japanese massage, with gentle strokes such as Sweden and including muscle tension, breaking and stretching of joints in Thai massage.

Vietnamese massage compared to other massage methods in the world using more movements or in other words, Vietnam massage is a combination of many movements including the movements of the hands, feet, elbows, not the natural. about a finger movement.

Vietnamese Massage at Green Spa & Wellness Danang

The traditional Vietnamese body massage is understood as a combination of specialized treatments that have been studied and passed down by generations of famous physicians and physicians. At Green Spa & Wellness, massage articles are prepared and taught by leading medical professors in Vietnam. Traditional Vietnamese Body Massage is not simply a massage, massage or search for acupuncture points in the body to clear or help the blood flow to increase the operation but this method is also an extension of the structure of the body. instinctive contact movements, the combination of single movements with coordinated movements. This treatment will cause the muscles to contract as a result of daily labor, softening. It also acts on acupuncture points to stimulate circulation, improve blood, transport nutrients and oxygen to cells and remove unnecessary products from the body. Traditional Vietnamese Body Massage is very good support for the treatment of muscular, joint, sciatica pain … Special Massage also treat psychological emotional disorders to bring people a relaxed, stable spirit , a healthy body, reduce stress, fatigue created by the stress of life.

Vietnamese massage tại Green Spa Đà Nẵng
You can experience the excitement of traditional Vietnamese massage at Green Spa & Wellness Danang. Let Vietnamese massage not only be understood as simply soaked, but traditional Vietnamese massage has a new level in a luxurious and classy space of 4-star service that attracts domestic and international visitors. . At Green Spa and Wellness, customers can choose their favorite essential oil smell along with the effect that customers want to use when massaging. Massage with different essential oils has different effects.

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