8 Steps Foot Massage: The Most Effective

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The foot is the place to fully bear the body’s weight. Our daily activities all affect our feet. It is also home to many capillaries and acupuncture points directly linked to the body’s body. So do this to get the steps to properly massage your feet. Join the Green Spa & Wellness to reveal 8 steps of Massage for the most proper feet

8 Bước Massage Chân Hiệu Quả Nhất

What is foot massage

Foot massage is a type of massage that focuses on the area of ​​the foot, especially the soles of the feet. More than 3,000 years ago foot massage treatment originated from the East. Since then, Oriental culture has traditionally used massage for feet to identify and cure all diseases. Today, a massage for feet is also used to relax and to relieve soles and arches.

The importance of massage for the feet

In foot massage always has foot reflexology, foot massage is a non-invasive way to heal. Many diseases can be cured without relying on Western medicine.

Others may experience that foot massage not only rejuvenates your feet – you may also feel less stressed and energized after this massage.

Effective massage steps

8 Bước Massage Chân Hiệu Quả Nhất


Use essential oils on your feet. Apply enough essential oil to the feet and feet and rub the essential oil from the heel to the knee with long sweeping movements.


No matter which massage technique you use, always be realistic


Hold the heel with one hand and massage the calf with kneading movements, starting from the heel and moving up (towards the heart). Use thumb, finger and palm of your hand.


Continue to hold the heel with one hand and start rotating the ankle in a gentle motion, four times left and four times right.


Now use your thumb and start massaging the top of the foot in a circular motion from toe to ankle.


With one hand, hold the foot firmly, gently pull and rotate each toe three times right and three times left.


Now use your thumb again and massage the back of the toes and balls of the feet in circular motions.


Use your fists and knuckles, knead your arches. Rotate your wrist using gentle but firm pressure.


Finish the massage with gentle strokes along the feet and legs with the fingertips, towards the heart.

Above is the most effective foot massage procedure.

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