Skin Care

Skin care at the spa offers many benefits. Therefore, you should maintain this as a habit to have smooth and healthy skin. You should maintain regular skin care to prevent skin problems, keep your skin healthy and fresh. Taking care of your skin gently once a month will help our skin look better, but if you act in a rough way too much, your skin will be damaged, leading to acne, redness, dullness … Green face care Spa & Wellness Da Nang
People seem to only pay attention to the facial skin but neglect the skin of the neck and chest area. If you do not shade the two skin areas every day, moles, freckles will appear, dry and coarse skin, thereby creating tiny wrinkles into neck rings. In addition, for older women, the neck skin will become more saggy, appear more wrinkles; The skin of the chest area will be dark and drier due to lack of collagen. If you do not want to lose your charm, you should go to Green Spa and Wellness for comprehensive care.
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