Hot Stone Body Massage Da Nang

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The hot stone Green Spa & Wellness is a 100% stone set of natural rock of Himalaya volcanic region and specialized stone steamer. Hot stone body massage is use the hot stone with appropriate temperature to rub the aching muscles and keep warm in acupuncture points. Massage hot stone in music space to bring the best comfort and relaxation for customers. HOT STONE BODY MASSAGE – GREEN SPA AND WELLNESS- HEATH CARE SPA AND MASSAGE SERVICE THE TOP IN DA NANG

Hot Stone Body Massage Da Nang

Since ancient times, hot stone has been used in the process of relaxing massage and therapy of Oriental and Western medicine. Effective hot stone massage must be hot stone with 100% natural origin. Because only natural stone has minerals that benefit the body and keep it hot longer.

However, the price of hot stone is quite high. A set of stones can cost from several million to tens of million dong, so the investment and selection of stones of the spa is very important. There are many spas that have Hot stone massage service, but not all spa provide customers with the highest service efficiency.

Hot Stone Body Massage Da Nang

The hot stone that Green Spa & Wellness uses is a 100% stone set of natural rock of Himalaya volcanic region and specialized stone steamer. When Therapists will use the appropriate temperature to rub the aching muscles and keep warm in acupuncture points. Massage hot stone  in music space  to bring the best comfort and relaxation for customers.

Hot Stone Body Massage Da Nang

Hot stones body massage Green Spa and Wellness Da Nang)

Process of implementing hot stone body massage services at Green Spa & Wellness

We have 60 mins/ 90 mins/ 120 mins for Hot stone body massage

1. Complete your health status information in our form.

  • Let us be sure of your health condition and the parts that can’t work with the massage force.
  • Which parts of your body are sore and want the therapist to focus on that position more.

2. Change the costume of the spa and store your possessions in the locker

3. Clean the dirt on the body with a shower.

4. Start by lying on your stomach on the bed. 

  • The therapist will use Vietnamese  massage to heat your body ( no oil )
  • Back therapy with oil first – hot stone then
  • Rear foot therapy with oil first – hot stone then

6. Now you flip to lie on your back.

  • Treatment of head ( no oil)
  • Shoulders and chest therapy with oil
  • Arm therapy with oil first – hot stone then
  • Front leg therapy with oil first – hot stone then

7. You sit up straight in bed.

  • Neck therapy ( no oil)
  • Hip back therapy ( no oil) 

8. Shower again (if you want)

9. The end, enjoy the soup and juice.


  • Under the action of heat, rapid elimination of lactic acid helps to relieve muscle pain quickly, the blood circulation is gradually circulated, and oxygen is taken to more cells.
  • Eliminate toxins, regulate the function of sweat and sebaceous glands to bring new vitality to the skin.
  • Affects metabolism and targets the subcutaneous fat layer.
  • Impact on the nervous system relaxes, relieves stress, creates a pleasant, refreshing feeling.
  • Hot stone can help massage reduce fat.



  • Those who sit heavily lead to excess fat stored in the abdomen, thighs.
  • People who do not have time to practice sports.
  • People at risk of osteoarthritis.
  • Postpartum massage is effective with hot stones to regain body shape and toned body.


Hot stone body massage is great for relaxation, reducing body aches but can lead to discomfort and injury when not done properly.

Note for using hot stone massage

  • Temperature.
  • If the ice temperature is too high, it will cause a burning sensation, discomfort, even burns. If the temperature is too low, the stone will not exert all effect to relieve aches and pains, promote blood circulation … The ideal temperature of massage stone after heating is 50-60 degrees C
  • Drink water before and after massage with hot stone.
  • The process of hot stone massage makes the body lose water so before and after massage. At the same time, if you feel uncomfortable, take a break to get strength and not stand up too fast.
  • While using the medicine.

Some medicines will make your body less heat-resistant. And when taking these drugs if you massage hot stones you may encounter cases such as increased / decreased blood pressure, increased heart rate …

  • In addition, when you massage for the first time, you will experience some other side effects such as headache, nausea, dizziness and dizziness. But these are only very mild effects and ensure no harm to your health.
  • Without specialized tools and full knowledge of hot stone massage, we advise you not to try it yourself at home.

Green Spa & Wellness is use hot stone for body massage in Da Nang. You can find good therapist in Green Spa and Wellness Da Nang and have relax time in there. It are really the best massage body in Da Nang for you.


Hot Stone Body Massage Da Nang


Green Massage - Massage Body Without Massage Oil

Green Massage is the most special massage service that Green Spa & Wellness is serving customers. Massage exercises have the effect of PREVENTING the muscles and joints. Helps to relax muscles, improves flexibility, reduces pain and movement range of body parts. Specially used for people who often have to exercise a lot, strong. We are very proud of designing unique treatments. Green massage body is the mark that our staff always wants to introduce & serve for you.

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