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What Is Foot Massage in Da Nang?

Foot massage Da Nang is the use of finger pressure and support tools to massage and press acupuncture points from the knees down to the soles of the feet to relieve pain and relax, take care of body health.

Foot Massage Da Nang

Foot massage – the method of using perfect techniques combined with essential oils, hot stones impact on acupuncture points in the soles of the feet, calves, thereby stimulating circulation blood and increase blood flow to the heart and brain, giving us a healthy body and a clear mind. 


Foot Massage Da Nang

Every toe or soles of the feet are related, directly affecting the parts of our body. Thus, regular foot massage or herbal foot baths with wooden foot baths will help to promote circulation, support digestive system and excretory system, providing great benefits for health. health and beauty of people.A foot massage is a type of massage that focuses solely on – you guessed it – the feet. More than 3,000 years ago foot massage treatment originated in China. Since then, the Chinese have traditionally used foot massage to identify and cure all illness. Today, a foot massage is also used for relaxation and to alleviate sore soles and arches.

Foot Massage Da Nang


What are the benefits of foot massage?

  • Promoting the circulation process, circulating blood to the heart in a better way.
  • Helps your feet relax, providing great benefits to help your feet smooth and not dry or cracked.
  • Regularly and legally massage your feet will help reduce excess fat, which will bring you slim legs.
  • Also able to effectively reduce aches and pains, joint pain.

2. Process Foot Massage At Green Spa & Wellness

We have 60 mins/ 90 mins

1. Complete your health status information in our form.

  • Let us be sure of your health condition and the parts that can’t work with the massage force.
  • Which parts of your body are sore and want the therapist to focus on that position more.

2. Change the costume of the spa and store your possessions in the locker

3. Soaking your feet with Red Dao people’s herbal

Foot Massage Da Nang

4. Start by lying on your stomach on the bed. 

  • The therapist will use Vietnamese massage to heat your body ( no oil )
  • Rear foot therapy with oil​

5. Now you flip to lie on your back.

  • Treatment of head ( no oil)
  • Shoulders and chest therapy with oil
  • Front leg therapy with oil

6. Shower again (if you want)

7. The end, enjoy the soup and juice.

3. Who’s need foot massage da nang

  • For women who often wear high heels
  • For travelers to move, sudden movement with high frequency.
  • For athletes with sports such as cycling, jogging, tennis, soccer, …
  • For people who often have digestive problems, or have headaches.

Experience at Green Spa and Wellness, This is the best and most professional massage place in Danang that you need to come in your trip to Danang.

This price don’t include Tip for therapist

Green Massage - Massage Body Without Massage Oil

Green Massage is the most special massage service that Green Spa & Wellness is serving customers. Massage exercises have the effect of PREVENTING the muscles and joints. Helps to relax muscles, improves flexibility, reduces pain and movement range of body parts. Specially used for people who often have to exercise a lot, strong. We are very proud of designing unique treatments. Green massage body is the mark that our staff always wants to introduce & serve for you.

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