Couple massage & spa combos in Da Nang

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Couple massage service package includes: Sauna, herbal bath, couple massage, facial care, private room for couples … These are all specially designed courses, bringing efficiency to do beautiful and optimized mounts. The perfect choice for couples before their wedding day, couples, young couples who want to warm up their feelings, … or even a special and meaningful marriage proposal. What are you waiting for, but don’t contact Green Spa & Wellness so we can help you have the most relaxing and wonderful moments

Massage cho cặp đôi: Dịch vụ massage độc đáo tại Green Spa & Wellness Đà Nẵng

Why do you need couple massage services

When you first became acquainted, you and your partner (now your husband) always texted each other warmly. The messages were not picky, but sweet, making the two men fall in love. However, after getting married, the two of you gradually ignore this habit. Probably in part because there are no more “saws”, partly because of so many things to worry about.

You and your husband keep bouncing their heads every day, no longer paying attention to even one message. However, when sitting alone, when too stressful or empty, you suddenly crave a message from your husband. You wonder: “Does he know that?” Is it just that your husband tries to hide his craving, doesn’t he?

When your husband goes on a business trip, the first night without her husband at home, you suddenly text him: “I miss you!” Then, you find yourself “too young”, too smooth, don’t know why. But try waiting for 15 minutes without seeing him texting, you were depressed, but I yelled again, sure what message he was texting with my child …… Then suddenly, the message came: “Sleep well, miss you! ”Naturally, you feel happy. Feeling for a long time did not receive the salty words, momentarily reliving the first memory.

Married for a long time, the couple grew many years, the feeling of husband and wife getting old. But how to make love not “old” in years? You realize, there is only a way to “warm up” love every day.

If there is a dark natural weasel you text: “THURSDAY 7 FOR YOUR BRITISH 3H, 5 PM AT THE NOVEL HOUSE”, that message makes your Saturday day hangover, not knowing he what?

Then, G also came, at exactly 5 o’clock he took your hand out to where the car is in front of the house (@. @ Where is this old man renting a car for me … don’t you think so but dare not to speak ). After 15 minutes, you will be present in the whole SPA building with a diaphragm in front of your face, just entering the aroma of lemon scent, the staff members are tipping a little tit ….. You never imagine It is okay for my husband to be like that, what is the underground bath together, which is to drink water to purify my body, then to massage the couple again … After that, there is a dinner under the light Candles on the tall balcony, watching all the mountains and tea, the sea and the entire city of Da Nang far away (if you ask)

Massage cho cặp đôi: Dịch vụ massage độc đáo tại Green Spa & Wellness Đà Nẵng

Process of providing couples massage services

  • Shuttle bus

When booking the service, the receptionist will prepare the car to the destination you need to pick up (12km radius from the spa).

Go to the place you will use the “Welcome” water and the receptionist will do some necessary procedures to complete the booking as:

Consult the type of massage you want to use, the type of essential oil, the lotion you like and how you fill out the information form to provide the full health information for the therapist who knows your requirements.

Massage cho cặp đôi: Dịch vụ massage độc đáo tại Green Spa & Wellness Đà Nẵng

Step 1: Shower for 3 minutes

Gilding removes dirt and cleanses the body. With water with a temperature of 35-> 40 ° C

Step 2: Steam 15 minutes

Wet / dry steam (t ° = 75 ° C) and soak Red Dao water feet (t ° = 35-> 40 ° C), help to remove toxins in the body, circulate blood, remove the cells cell death, sciatica, anti-flu. Medicinal ingredients include: The natural flavor of Red Dao is imported directly from Sapa

Step 3: Soak with Red Dao people’s herbal -15 minutes

Soaking wooden basin with Red Dao herbal water helps dispel fatigue, prevent and fight back pain and sciatica, osteoarthritis. Enjoy light wine and fruit in a cozy, romantic atmosphere prepared by spa staff.

Step 4: Body massage – 60 minutes

Massage therapy by skilled technicians and dedicated service, help you no longer ache and balance body shape. During this massage treatment, your body is not only relaxed with massage and acupressure movements but also rejuvenated thanks to natural herbal oils. This not only helps improve the vitality of the skin, but also the skillful hands of the technicians will help you to overcome the fatigue after working, studying or working hard.

Step 5: 60 minutes – face care

  • Cleansing
  • Wash your face
  • Kill death celk
  • Steam
  • Greasy smoking, acne bran
  • Face massage
  • Mask
  • Nourishing cream.
  • Sunscreen

Step 6: Use a light meal

At the end of the massage, you will once again be energized by the freshly prepared dishes, combined with the fresh, sure fruit juice, your body will be full of energy, available. Ready for new challenges.

Massage cho cặp đôi: Dịch vụ massage độc đáo tại Green Spa & Wellness Đà Nẵng

Finally, the car takes you back to where you want to go (radius of 12km from the spa).

Someone said, “The raindrops that erode the cliff are not because of the intensity, but because of the persistence.” Guys, guys, Please maintain the habit of saying a word of love, even if it’s just a message. I believe that the gift of “love” is never old.
Many people get married, leave each other’s feelings neglected, forget that what is forgotten will fade … So, on the occasion of expressing this feeling of love and love, I share with you how to warm up  this great love

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