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Fresh citronella use in spa & massage services

Fresh citronella

Fresh citronella is used in sauna services at Green Spa and Wellness Da Nang. Fresh citronella is grown around our spa at the foot of Son Tra Mountain. Therefore, when the customer needs Steam service, the staff will go to the garden to get it directly without having to buy it from the market. Therefore, the freshness is very high, ensuring safety without chemicals. The essential oil in citronella is not lost same as  buying in the market – it is cut long time before

  • In addition to making spice sauce, it is also known as a medicine to treat acne and treat many simple diseases such as flu, etc. Lemongrass essential oil works very well in cleansing the skin naturally. Lemongrass is a way to treat acne and prevent new acne. After steaming with citronella oil, you will see that your skin becomes rosy, healthy and clear of acne.
  • Weather changes, cold weather is a major cause of colds in our bodies. Colds are also known as colds, nasopharyngitis, runny nose, is a viral disease caused by the upper respiratory tract but mainly affects the nose. Therefore, citronella steam is essential for cold treatment, in citronella oil has the effect of treating colds
  • Lemongrass steam helps women to have a very smooth and bright white skin. Lemongrass essential oil has the ability to purify dead cells and tighten pores, so the lemongrass steaming is extremely good for the skin.
  • Lemongrass steam will help us feel better after each day of hard work and stress, citronella oil works to clear the nose to give us a feeling of pleasure and immense enjoyment.

Red Dao People’s herble use in spa & massage services

Herbal is taken by Green Spa and Wellness to the Red Dao people’s residence in Phin Ho, Sapa Vietnam to buy. We learn and understand the process of taking herble, preliminary processing and mixing with warm water, how to use from the experienced medical healers in here.

Red Dao People's herbal

The herbs that are in the bath water.

Red Dao Herbal are usually from 10 -120 types. The most important types are: Hồi, Áp chú dâu, Quyền dòi mây, nè nậm, đìn giá, quang đìa diềm, quang đìa chia, quang đìa nhỏ, quang đìa bưa, quang đìa vè, quang đìa giảng, ngùng quang mây, chua quang phệ, giềm tiểu, chà thông thệ….

The effect and use of the Red Dao people’s herbal.

– Rheumatism treatment, bone pain, limb numbness, sweating hands, smelly feet.

– Cure skin diseases, help skin bright white and smooth.

Helping the body fight fatigue, increase vitality, detoxify the body when using beer, wine …

– Especially: For women after giving birth, blood circulation, aroma, disinfect, recover health quickly, prevent post-production, wear and re-create good condition to help quickly reduce the state vehicles.

How to prepare the Red Dao people’s herbal bath.

– This juice is mixed with warm water at the rate of 2-98% into bath water.

– Bath water must be kept at a temperature of 35-37 degrees C to be effective.

Who can use Red Dao people’s herbal?

– Women after giving birth use Red Dao people’s herbal bath leaves to help blood circulation, digestion of blood stagnant, improve resistance, restore health, prevent effective production.

– People with osteoarthritis, limbs and numbness, excessive perspiration, foot odor.

– People working in pressure, stress, stress relief environments

– People with itchy pimples, regularly use to help skin bright, soft and naturally soft.


  • Drunk, beer should not be used.
  • Women who are pregnant or menstruating.
  • If you are bathing and feeling unbalanced, sleepy … you should stop taking a bath and rest for 15 – 20 minutes then your body will return to normal.

Hot stone use in body massage service

hot stone

Hot Stone using for body massage at Green Spa and Wellness is nature rock from Himalaya area. Pure volcanic rock is usually dark in color, however the color may vary depending on the amount of impurities. Iron and magnesium make volcanic rocks dark green to black. There are very few samples found in almost colorless form.

Volcanic rock, which is formed from deep magma in the Earth’s crust, has special features: carrying the Earth’s energy, being able to emit far infrared rays at high temperatures, providing minerals and negative ions. The heat from volcanic rocks when impacting on acupuncture points on the body has the effect of clearing acupuncture points, eliminating toxins, reducing wrinkles and reducing body fat, supporting the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases.

Energy from volcanic rock (already heated) will affect the body in the form of waves generated by tiny vibrations due to differences or temperature changes. The whole body exposed to hot volcanic rock is considered as an effective remedy to help the body recover energy, hot volcanic rock massage impacts on the bone through the heat of the stone, helping to remove the acupuncture points being turned off. blockage in the body, treat arthritis, rheumatism and prolong life.

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