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Facilities of spa & massage service in Da Nang.  Designed in a modern style, the interior at the leading Green Spa and Wellness-spa and massage spa in Da Nang focuses on providing a cool and clean space. With the advantage of geography, located at the foot of Son Tra mountain green and fresh climate, the investor wants customers to come here to relax and release their souls with nature. Clean, airy is a prerequisite for services that provide real efficiency at a spa facility and health care massage for customers.

Spa chất lượng cao tại Đà Nẵng


Located at the foot of Son Tra mountain, where the forest and the sea are in harmony, the air is fresh, green and peaceful. The location of the best spa that no spa in Danang City has. Using maximum light and natural atmosphere, Green Spa and Wellness service room is very cool and clean. Young, friendly and professional staff. Being the leading beauty spa and health care massage in Da Nang.

As one of the leading spas in Danang, and is considered as an ideal shelter for the mind to be calm and settled. The pure space of a pristine natural area of ​​Son Tra is also a wonderful gift that Creator has favored. But above all, the professional and seasoned trained hands of Green Spa always focus on the energy of love, because, only love, see customers as families to help them I give my best health care. Relaxing mind … pampering senses … the journey takes you to a high-end experience starting here – Green Spa & Wellness Da Nang

Green Spa & Wellness is the business base of Spa and health care business in Da Nang city. This facility operates under the ownership of Nguyen Yen The Company Limited. Green Spa & Wellness comes into operation from April 1, 2017 up to now. At the address: 26 Le Van Luong, Tho Quang ward, Son Tra district, Da Nang city, Vietnam.


Completing construction and entering 1/4/2017 operation, the building consists of 7 floors with the main design from glass.
  • Basement: Living and working areas of staff and furnaces to provide steam for Steam, hot water for the entire building and cooking Red Dao herbal water.
  • Lobby floor: Reception area welcomes and advises service information for customers and also serves water, tea and light snacks.
  • Floor 2,3,4,5: Area designed rooms to provide health care and massage services to customers.
  • Level 6: Arranged room specializing in facials, medical rooms and terraces.
Twin Vip Room: There are 13 rooms – Suitable for customers who are spouses, lovers, couples, relatives and families who want to relax together.
Single Vip Room: 20 rooms – Suitable for solo travelers or for having private space, spending time with individuals or customers who feel uncomfortable when sharing a room with others.
Face Skin Care Room – Green Spa and Wellness, Danang’s leading health and massage spa. Similar style of the VIP room service rooms are arranged 3 bed facials. The room is also equipped with professional and modern skin care and treatment machines. Along with the cabinet, display high-quality cosmetics of origin and origin, and store them in optimal condition.
Taking advantage of the geographical position, the service rooms are designed with large glass windows that can be opened with the hope that customers who come here can drop their souls into the green forest and enjoy the cool air. heal here. Furniture and decorations in the room are arranged in a minimalist style, restricting rough surfaces, cumbersome decorative objects to create habitat for bacteria and dirt hiding, difficult in toilet. Each service room is equipped with a bathroom and sauna and a herbal bath in the room, creating an absolute privacy space for customers. In addition, there are items such as beds, tooling shelves, small decorative shelves and products when needed, locker for customers to store personal property. Sound speakers along with non-verbal music with birdsong, flowing streams, and melodious sound with moderate volume are arranged in each room.

Spa chất lượng cao tại Đà Nẵng

The service rooms are arranged with the deep brown tones of towels, wooden furniture, curtains and golden lights and carefully selected wall murals. Small items for customers such as combs, cotton swabs, hair shots, dryers, shampoos, shower gels … are also arranged neatly. Finally, a small bronze bell, customers use to signal customers when completing their own service steps such as changing clothes, bathing, hugging or taking herbal baths or needing any guidance from Therapist.Spa chất lượng cao tại Đà NẵngAll of the amenities of Green Spa and Wellness provide customers with a cool, spacious but cozy and close-to-nature space. The space is clean, airy and peaceful with soft music and aroma of herbs and essential oils when taken care of by the soft hands of technicians. There is a fact that many customers have gone to sleep without knowing it. When awakened, all fatigue was dissolved instead of lightness in the soul and body. Add energy with refreshments prepared by the restaurant. You are ready to continue your life journey with great energy.

Spa chất lượng cao tại Đà Nẵng

Green Spa & Wellness Da Nang
Add: 26 Lê Văn Lương, Phường Thọ Quang, Quận Sơn Trà, Đà Nẵng
Email: greenspawellnessdanang@gmail.com
Phone: 0888658668
Website: https://www.facebook.com/greenspawellnessdanang/
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Green Massage - Massage Body Without Massage Oil

Green Massage is the most special massage service that Green Spa & Wellness is serving customers. Massage exercises have the effect of PREVENTING the muscles and joints. Helps to relax muscles, improves flexibility, reduces pain and movement range of body parts. Specially used for people who often have to exercise a lot, strong. We are very proud of designing unique treatments. Green massage body is the mark that our staff always wants to introduce & serve for you.

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