Addresses quality, prestigious spa & massage services in Da Nang

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Green Spa & Wellness, addresses quality spa & massage services in Da Nang. The therapists here mostly graduate from middle school, medical college, are well trained and specialized in health care. Massage exercises are drafted and trained by leading teachers and doctors of traditional medicine in Vietnam. With the desire to bring wonderful and effective relaxation moments for customers, all officers and employees, we always try our best to provide our customers with the best service. At Green Spa & Wellness Da Nang, there are 4 body massage and 1 foot massage with frames of 60 ‘, 90’, 120 ‘.

Spa & Massage Service Da Nang

Green Spa & Wellness Da Nang provides the following services: Steam bath, Red Dao herbal bath, Foot massage, Hot stone massage, Aroma Massage, Traditional Vietnamese Massage, Green body massage (without oil), Body scrubs, skin care, facial massage, Spa & massage services for couples, combo packages of health care and other beauty.

Sauna and soaking Red Dao herbal in Da Nang.

  • Sauna is not only an experience of treating the flu that has been circulating for a long time in folklore but also as a non-medicinal treatment applied in many parts of the world. Green Spa & Wellness sees the effectiveness of this treatment and brings it to the service provided to customers in Da Nang.
  • Since ancient times, Red Dao people in Vietnam have a habit of going to the forest to pick up medicinal leaves to soak in the bath. When bathing with these herbal leaves, people spread each other about the miraculous uses of this leaf. After working hours on the mountain of tired forest, stressed Red Dao people often bathed with these medicinal leaves. The body after bathing will be full of energy, the skin will become more rosy. That is also the reason that Green Spa & Wellness put effort into researching and applying services: Red Dao sauna and medicinal bath to restore and care for everyone.

Foot massage in Da Nang.

Feet are considered the “second heart” of the body. Therefore, taking good care of your feet means you are improving your health.

At Green Spa & Wellness Foot Massage Foot Massager (also known as foot massage) – the method of using massage techniques, acupressure, bending, folding … perfect combination with essential oils, herbs up to acupuncture points taste in the soles of the feet, calves, thereby stimulating blood circulation and increasing blood flow to the heart and brain, giving us a healthy body and a clear mind.

Every therapist at Green Spa & Wellness knows that every toe or soles of the feet are related, directly affecting every part of our body. Thus, regular foot massage or foot bath of Red Dao herbal medicine will help promote circulation, support digestive system and excretory system, bring great benefits to health and identity. beautiful human.

Hot stone body massage in Da Nang.

  • Green Spa & Wellness Da Nang, using hot stones in Himalaya region to massage the whole body for customers. Effective hot stone massage must be hot stone with 100% natural origin. Because only natural stone has minerals that benefit the body and keep it hot longer.
  • Hot stone that Green Spa & Wellness uses is a set of 100% stone which is natural stone of Himalayan volcanic region and specialized stone steamer. When Technician massage will use the appropriate temperature to rub on aching muscles and keep warm in acupuncture points. Da Hot body massage combines Massage with music to bring the best comfort and relaxation for customers.

Aroma massage in Da Nang.

In addition to using essential oils in the post body massage to relax and reduce stess. Understanding the needs of the body, especially of the women, daily skin care is essential for each person because the skin is the part that must suffer the most powerful effects from the environment like sunshine, wind, dust … Green Spa and Wellness has developed Aroma massage service with body lotion. High quality body lotion specifically used for Spa. Body massage cream is a special combination of specialized skin and essential oil nutrients. The skin of the client will be nourished, providing moisture to soften and smooth the skin with the use of this special lotion. This is one of the special Aroma massage therapies available at Green Spa & Wellness.

Vietnamese body massage in Da Nang.

  • Vietnamese body massage is interpreted as a combination of specialized therapies that have been used for generations, medical practitioners are good at researching and drawing experiences over generations and passing on. At Green Spa & Wellness, the massage is designed and taught by the top Vietnamese medical professors.
  • Vietnamese body massage is not simply a soaking, massaging or looking for acupuncture points on the body to clear or help the blood vessels to increase the activity but this method is also the expansion of the structure of instinctive contact movements, the combination of solitary movements with coordinated movements. This treatment will make the muscles contract due to a softer, softer daily labor. At the same time, acting on acupuncture points helps stimulate blood circulation, helps improve blood, brings nutrients and oxygen to cells and removes unnecessary products from the body.
  • Vietnamese body massage is very good support for the treatment of muscular, arthritis, sciatica … Especially Massage also treat psychological emotional disorder that gives people a relaxed and stable spirit. , a healthy body, relieving stress, fatigue due to life pressure created.
  • You can experience the fun in traditional Vietnamese massage method at Green Spa & Wellness Da Nang. Let Vietnam massage not only be understood as simply being soaked but traditional Vietnamese massage has a new height in a luxurious, classy space of 4-star service attracting domestic tourists and numerous international visitors. .
  • At Green Spa and Wellness, customers can choose their favorite essential oils along with the effects that customers want to use when massage. Massage with different essential oils brings different effects.

Green body massage in Da Nang

  • A special massage was co-composed by the Vietnam Academy of Traditional Medicine and experts on muscle stretching and Thai massage teachers. Applying massage techniques and pressing acupuncture points of Vietnamese traditional massage with the movements of body bending, lifting and sports stretching techniques to create a specialized Physical Therapy lesson. Great for the treatment of osteoarthritis pain, muscle tightness and fatigue.
  • Please note that this service is not suitable for gentle relaxation and is not for first time massage people. The service requires cooperation and understanding between customers and technicians very high because customers always have to move, move bodies and with therapists to perform movements. This is a highly therapeutic service

Body scrub in Da Nang.

  • The service uses safe products and cosmetics that are 100% Oganic, native and originated, and stored in an optimal condition. Ingredients such as mineral salts, pure coffee powder, Noni fruit powder (Noni) combined with fresh milk help remove light and safe dead skin cells. Use bare hands, loofah or bamboo gloves to perform exfoliation (Scrub). Then customers use body lotion to provide emollient and min. Your skin will become brighter and smoother.
  • Dead skin cells prevent the absorption of nutrients from cosmetics, skin care masks. Removing them will help the skin to clear and absorb nutrients better.
  • Smooth skin regeneration service combined with exfoliating skin cells using natural extracted cosmetics makes it safe, non-irritating and suitable for all skin types.
  • Scrub and smooth skin regeneration services are used by professionals using professional massage movements to help you truly relax, full of energy for the new day.

Face – neck and chest skin care in Da Nang.

People seem to only pay attention to the facial skin but neglect the skin of the neck and chest area. If you do not shade the two skin areas every day, moles, freckles will appear, dry and coarse skin, thereby creating tiny wrinkles into neck rings. In addition, for older women, the neck skin will become more saggy, appear more wrinkles; The skin of the chest area will be dark and drier due to lack of collagen. If you do not want to lose your charm, you should go to Green Spa and Wellness for comprehensive care.

Face Massage in Danang

  • Facial care is a skin care routine that is usually performed at Green Spa and wellness including stages such as: Skin cleansing, exfoliating, facial steaming, sebum and acne, facial massage, masking, Relaxing neck and shoulder massage, using lotion …
  • This procedure helps to solve skin problems such as acne, roughness, aging, lack of life … Facial facial expressions will be given depending on the type of skin and skin problems you are having to bring the effect. best results.
  • The biggest benefit is deep cleansing of the skin. When done properly, skin care at the spa can cleanse dirt and sebum in pores. Exfoliating is an indispensable part in the process of facial skin care, making skin lighter and more evenly colored. If you have a dull, rough skin, maybe it’s time to visit Green Spa & Wellness.
  • Besides, facials at the spa also work to reduce stress. Facial massage not only stimulates blood circulation to make the skin more beautiful, but can also help you relax the muscles, reducing headaches. Stress has a very bad effect on the skin, so you should spend at least 1 to 2 hours to enjoy and pamper yourself.

Spa & massage combos for couples.

Services provide spa & massage services for couples who are lovers, spouses. Create a special and strange relaxation space for couples. Spa offers services: Pick-up car in Da Nang, Sauna and soaking with Red Dao herbal, Body massage and face massage, with snacks for couples. With the design of private rooms, music, romantic space with wine, candles, roses, fruits … couples have time to enjoy special moments of relaxation in Da Nang city.

Other combo spa & massage services.

Green Spa & Wellness also provides spa and health care massage combos for customers. With a desire to relieve stress, restore health, provide more energy for customers’ lives better.

The mission of spa Da Nang

Logo of Green Spa & Wellness Da Nang


The LOGO is inspired by the GREEN SPA & WELLNESS brand name, derived from the circle as a symbol of perfection, the permanence of time. The leaf shape radiates out and along with the green color, it is said that the ingredients of Green Spa & Wellness come from nature, not harmful.

The symbol of the dedicated service attitude is to ensure the safety, reliability and always fulfill the responsibility of Green Spa staff to customers.

Logo is the harmonious combination of leaves forming a circle, rotating around the water droplet with GREEN SPA & WELLNESS brand name (San Ford Regular font) and tagline “Spa & Wellness” (DayRoman Regular font) .

The logo is required when using the logo in all communication and mass media purposes. In addition, the logo can be used as a representative icon of the brand on digital media, information channels and social networks.

Slogan of Green Spa & Wellness Da Nang.


As one of the leading spas in Danang, and is considered as an ideal shelter for the mind to be calm and settled. The pure space of a pristine natural area of ​​Son Tra is also a wonderful gift that Creator has favored.

But above all, the professional and seasoned trained hands of Green Spa always focus on the energy of love, because, only love, see customers as families to help them I give my best health care

Relaxing your mind … pampering your senses … your journey to a high-end experience starts here.

3. The main color of Green Spa & Wellness Da Nang.
As no mountains of Son Tra forest green space surrounding Green Spa & Wellness Da Nang, the main color of the spa is Green. Color plays a key role in the transmission

emotion, spirit of the brand through the most familiar and natural color space.

Customers of spa & massage services in Danang

Korean tourists of Green Spa & Wellness Da Nang.

The main customers occupy a large proportion of Green Spa & Wellness from Korea. Partly due to market factors, tourists from Korea are accounting for more than 50% of international visitors in Danang. Moreover, the design and construction style as well as the clean, airy and friendly staff here are very popular with tourists from Korea.

Western tourists of Green Spa & Wellness Da Nang

But travelers who are short-term or long-term and working in Da Nang enjoy the Green Spa & Wellness by its geographical location and the quality of service here. The tranquility, cleanliness, airiness and friendliness, the skill of inflamed people make all Western customers very satisfied and surprised. Many customers commented that “the massage service they received at Green Spa & Wellness is the best in the world that they have ever tried.”

Chinese tourists of Green Spa & Wellness Da Nang

Similar to Korean visitors, Chinese tourists are also taking a large proportion in the structure of international tourists in Da Nang. A health spa & massage spot like Green Spa & Wellness will definitely not be missed.

Local guests of Green Spa & Wellness Da Nang

In recent years, along with the development of tourism, the living standards and the concept of spa & massage of the people of Da Nang city, Vietnam have also gradually changed. They care more about health and understand that spa & massage is a great service for stress relief, relaxation and health care for individuals and families.

Green Spa & Wellness Da Nang
Add: 26 Lê Văn Lương, Phường Thọ Quang, Quận Sơn Trà, Đà Nẵng
Phone: 0888658668
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Green Massage - Massage Body Without Massage Oil

Green Massage is the most special massage service that Green Spa & Wellness is serving customers. Massage exercises have the effect of PREVENTING the muscles and joints. Helps to relax muscles, improves flexibility, reduces pain and movement range of body parts. Specially used for people who often have to exercise a lot, strong. We are very proud of designing unique treatments. Green massage body is the mark that our staff always wants to introduce & serve for you.

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